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Photographs can speak stories the way words cannot, to help us remember those life moments or smiles that we treasure within us. Looking at an old photograph becomes a treasure for our soul and mind.  I feel blesses to have the opportunity to give families that gift. That old picture helps us to reflect about what we live for.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Liz… I’m a mom, wife, sister, friend and a natural light photographer who has a passion for photography! I started my photography journey in my hometown of Greeley, CO. I would have never guessed that following my passion would lead me to start my own photography business, but I cannot express how happy and excited I am to be here.

I am a freelancer that from the moment I picked up my first DSLR, I felt excited and I was eager to learn and develop my skills. So, for a while there I slept and breathed photography until I got the guts to actually go out and find me some models to help me practice (my beautiful nieces and cousin). That is when the fire kicked in and I decided it was time to turn my intense love and passion for photography into a career.


In the beginning of the shoot I will have poses for you. Once I see that everyone has warmed up with each other or me shooting them. I’ll just simply guide you and prompt you to interact with each other so I can capture you being your true selves. I will have you cuddle, kiss, hold hands, laugh and will let your little one run wild! We all want authentic memories. Let’s make it happen.  


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Real Estate Photography

Tel: (970) 518-9706


I’m also involved in the real estate world. My husband and many good friends of ours are Realtors. So, I have invested in equipment for real estate photography. I have been shooting properties since 2015. I have the lens, the lighting the drone. Do you need an actual video walk through of your home? I can do that too! If you are someone you know needs their properties photographed contact me today!

Please message me for price sheet. Take a look at  my HDR real estate photography. I also pride myself in twilight photos.

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